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While the members of our team may come from different backgrounds, we are all united through a shared passion of serving as teachers and coaches to everyday people in need of guidance. Our separate journeys through life have given each of us valuable insights that better allow us to understand and address your unique needs while delivering the clarity to achieve your financial goals. The extensive experience of our team enables us to provide our clients with specialized services that address a wide range of financial needs, from investment management to risk and debt management as well as financial coaching. Our collective experience in working with clients who fall along a broad spectrum of financial backgrounds ensures that we can seamlessly handle the complex planning challenges that come our way.

Barry Fadely
Series 7, 66, Life & Health

A founding member of Madison Financial Strategies, Barry Fadely excels at financial planning, tax strategies, and risk management…all skills that he uses daily to serve his clients. While these skills are vital in the daily operation of his practice, they are not the only skills that define how he views his work, or why he chooses to conduct his business with empathy, kindness, and compassion. To understand that, one must first understand what led Barry to enter the financial services industry and how his passion for this profession began.


Barry's grandfather built a life-long career in the road and bridge contracting industry, spending the entirety of his sixty-plus year career with the same company and serving as an ownership partner for over thirty years. Barry's father followed the same career path, working in the company for over forty years until he eventually retired. During much of his early life, it was expected that Barry would follow the same path, a logical progression as the next in line to continue the family legacy. Throughout high school and college, Barry’s summers were spent working under the guidance of his father and grandfather, gaining high levels of industry knowledge and professional experience along the way. Hewas accepted at Virginia Tech with plans to pursue a degree in civil engineering, but when the time came to make a final decision, Barry elected to pursue a different path. He realized that, despite the road that had been paved in front of him, he did not want to default to a career not of his choosing. Instead, Barry elected to attend Mary Washington College and pursue a major in business administration with plans of a career focused on relationships with people rather than building roads and bridges. 

Barry began his financial services career with AXA Advisors, a large international insurance, investment, and advisory firm. Though he learned a great deal during his time at AXA, he quickly realized that he did not want to be limited in the products and services he could provide to clients. As a result, he decided to go independent. 

In 2011, Barry and his teammates formed the shared vision of Madison Financial Strategies, a financial services firm. He had at last aligned his passion with his life’s purpose: serving those who serve us.

Jason Lesnik
Series 6, 7, 24, 63 & 65 – Life, Health, and LTC

When he was a senior in high school, Jason Lesnik joined the Manassas Volunteer Fire Company, offering his services as a volunteer firefighter to the residents of Manassas City. This in and of itself is nothing unusual—plenty of high schoolers get involved in their community, after all. What makes Jason’s case special, though, is that he stayed with the fire company even after he graduated high school. Then college. In fact, up until the age of thirty-six Jason served as an active firefighter in his community, and he continues to offer his services to the fire company today through administrative roles—he has served as treasurer, vice-president, and even president of the organization.


So, what led a volunteer firefighter to a career in financial services? In Jason’s case, he entered the field soon after graduating college, and began a successful career leading trust referral sales for the Manassas area with First Union—one that led to his promotion to vice president. Eventually, he moved into the world of financial services, working with more stock opportunities and high net worth clients—many of them athletes. Yet despite the success of his career, he still felt as though something was missing, that neither he nor his clients’ best interests were being taken to heart. That is when he met Barry Fadely and formed an instant connection, a connection that led to his incorporation into Madison Financial Strategies. Here, Jason sees himself as more of a life coach than a financial advisor; of course, he will help his clients achieve their financial goals, but what he truly wants is to provide them with fulfillment in their personal lives and help them weather through difficult decisions with confidence—effectively serving the hard-working men and women who serve us.

Paige Lutz

In Paige Lutz’s life, her family takes the main priority. When her daughters were involved in the Girl Scouts, she was always the parent to volunteer her services to the troop; when her daughters played on afterschool sports teams, you would find Paige’s name at the top of the list for timekeeping volunteers. Even in college, she commuted to classes from her home, allowing her to spend the time unoccupied by studying and working by helping out her family. It is precisely this connection to her family that gives Paige an edge in her work with Madison Financial Strategies. Seeing her clients strive to plan for a future that protects their families and loved ones deeply resonates with Paige’s own values, allowing her to help them in a way that extends far beyond financial concerns.

Gretchen Adam

All her life, Gretchen Adam harbored a passion for helping others. So, when presented with the option of pursuing a career upon graduating high school, she gravitated towards nursing, even picking up a job as a CNA while she worked toward her degree. However, as she progressed further into what she once thought was her ideal profession, she began to realize that nursing was not truly what she wanted to do with her life. She still loved helping people and being there for those who needed her, but nursing’s near never-ending hours meant that she always had to prioritize her work over her loved ones—a less than appealing situation for someone who treasures her relationships with those close to her. Gretchen realized that nursing was not the only way that she could help others, so instead of continuing down a career path she had fallen out of love with, she decided to instead pursue a career at Cambridge Investment Research, Inc. as a virtual office assistant, a position that not only allows her to help others, but is also flexible enough to let her spend valuable time with her growing family. It is through this profession that she began working for Madison Financial, and it’s here that her love for helping others has truly found its purpose in serving those who serve us.


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